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Home news Product Air Track Mat For My Daughter To Dance (Part 1)
2m square air track for dancing

Air Track Mat For My Daughter To Dance (Part 1)

Jun, 22, 2022

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Recently, I had a very happy event that I would like to share with you. My child suddenly told me that she wanted to learn to dance because she wanted so much to be a classy person.

air track
I did some preparation

When I heard the good news, I immediately went to an online shop to buy some things that are suitable for use when learning dance. Recently, I have been looking at Kameymall and I bought an air tumble track mat as well as some dance vests and skirts from this shop. I am really looking forward to her dancing too. Perhaps you are wondering why I am so happy, but the reason is simple, because dancing is very much for primary school students.

Benefits of learning dance for primary school students

First of all, learning dance can enhance physical fitness and promote health. Childhood is the beginning of a person's life, and the body grows most rapidly during this period, so having children take part in planned and systematic dance training can enhance their physical fitness, strengthen their physical resistance and reduce the chance of getting sick. In the process of dance practice, children's breathing, heartbeat, bones and circulatory system can be fully exercised, speeding up the development of functions and metabolism, so that children's bodies can grow and develop healthily and continuously.

Secondly, learning to dance can enlighten wisdom and stimulate potential. Children's imagination, creativity, memory and other intellectual factors can be cultivated through a variety of channels, and dance training is undoubtedly one of the most effective, children's dance gait, gestures, movements than in everyday Chinese medicine exaggerated deformation - some, children in the dance performance will not be out of the basic movements and can choose a different form of expression, can actively, actively, confidently into the music and movement.

Finally, learning to dance is a great way to improve the aesthetics of the body. Children who are in a period of rapid growth and development can stand up straight and have a good shape through dance training (e.g. chest up, head up, abdomen in), and can correct problems such as humped backs and hunched shoulders. Dance promotes the growth and development of children and young people. According to statistical surveys, children of the same sex and age are on average 4 - 8 cm taller than those who do not participate in dance training. Dance is an expression of the inner world through music, movement, expressions and gestures, which enables children to receive artistic performances in a subtle way, making them love life and appreciate beauty and experience it.


Are you wondering why I chose the air tumble track mat instead of a traditional gymnastics mat? After all, the air track mat is more expensive. Next article tells you.

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