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How To Dispose Worn Out Safety Shoes

Mar, 05, 2022

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There is so much turnover in many companies that employees often leave before their probationary period expires. Safety shoes like that, some are still very new, but already belong to second hand. Those departed employees handed in their used safety shoes, but the new employees refused to wear them, resulting in a pile of safety shoes now, do not know what to do with them.

nice safety shoes
Tell you some tricky ideas

1. If there is a protective role of safety shoes, contact the site to see if you can sell to the site, the site of safety shoes with a very short cycle;

2. New shoes to which employee, which employee wear, probation leave, let him wear, generous to send personal love. If you are a little stingy, you can also take a 50% discount and deduct it from the employee's salary (however, this is illegal and not recommended.

3. Safety shoes are given directly to employees and taken away when they leave. This can stipulate a time, it is 3 months commonly, did not arrive 3 months, can let employee express according to time discretion below.

4. Or you can be tough and clean the safety shoes and hand them out again. They're the only ones. I'll buy them myself. Safety shoes can continue to be used as long as they meet standards. After all, it's a waste of safety shoes sitting there.

5. Old shoes can also be divided into two categories, those that can be used and those that can be scrapped. Generally sent to waste incineration station area incineration. Can continue to use the general will have contractors to want, after all, several hundred yuan a pair of shoes, much better than the contractor to buy.

6.The shoes can be worn by the workers whose shoes are broken before the time to change, and the internal adjustment of this department can be done. It can not only solve the immediate needs of employees, but also save the company a little money.

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