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Which Kind Of Safety Shoes Is For Car Workers

Mar, 05, 2022

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In daily work, workshops and laboratories in the microelectronics industry, such as electronic computers, electronic communication equipment, integrated circuits, are usually prone to generate more static electricity. Static electricity is not very energetic, but its voltage can be as high as tens of kilovolts or more, which can lead to the danger of discharge, spark and explosion. At the same time, static electricity is a physical phenomenon that can hinder production, lead to poor quality products and damage electronic equipment. In addition to static electricity, there are many cables and power plant workers who are often in contact with high voltage, and the wearing of safety shoes is irreplaceable for the safety protection of these workers.

Safety Shoes Designed For Car Maintenance Workers

Car maintenance is a general term for car maintenance and repair. Is the failure of the car through technical means to find out the cause of the fault, and take certain measures to troubleshoot and restore to a certain performance and safety standards.

Work in such an environment should wear safety shoes, safety shoes are to protect workers, from the physical, chemical and biological outside factors of the operation area of the foot anti-slip labor protection shoes. In safety training, the necessity and safety of wearing labor protection shoes should be repeatedly explained to avoid the occurrence of foot injuries.

In the process of work, the ground oil or oil drip to the vamp phenomenon, wear a pair of oil resistant shoes to avoid oil drip to the foot corrosion; PU/PU double density polyurethane sole, soft and comfortable middle sole, outer sole wear resistance, skid resistance, folding resistance, oil resistance. Standard head wrapped ones can effectively protect the feet from being hurt by heavy objects; Anti puncture sole, prevent all kinds of sharp objects puncture. Enjoy the video below.

safety shoes work
Please mind your security
Automobile maintenance covers different types of work, in the face of different occupational hazard factors, we should take specific and effective measures in time, according to their specific work scene to issue suitable labor protection supplies. People-oriented, safe development. Read more sales information and search your perfect safety shoes, visit Kameymall.

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