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What Is Tumbling?

Dec, 14, 2021

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Airtrack products have become essential equipment in gymnastics and play an important role in helping gymnasts improve their ability effectively. They are thick enough to support the user’s body and withstand user impact, to protect them from the danger of a heavy fall. It’s tough, it stays still when the athlete jumps or rolls. Used indoors or outdoors, if more surface is needed to practice the activity you can connect two or more beds together to form a larger surface. At Kameymall, there are a lot of types that you can choose from.


The definition of tumbling

Tumbling is a discipline related to gymnastics, often seen in cheerleading and certain gymnastic routines. It is a series of passes, i.e. roundoff back handspring, back tuck, etc. It has become an increasingly popular subset of gymnastics. It shows off your skills and technique in different passes and you are scored on those pass sets. The skills often learned in tumbling are used in many other sports such as; dance, martial arts, parkour, and more.

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Another common question we get about the air track mat is how do you start? What is the best equipment? We will tackle all of those questions in this article and take an overall view into several sports that incorporate tumbling.


Some basic tumbling tricks in cheerleading
● Roundoff
This is often what leads to many passes as it gives you the momentum needed to connect them.

● Back handspring
his fun skill is the gateway into learning harder tricks such as back tucks and layouts.

● Back tuck
Although it is a more challenging move to learn, the back tuck adds an advanced look to your routine. To learn how to do a back tuck visit How to do a Flip

● Layout
A flip did while keeping your upper body and legs straight. Incorporating layouts is a great way to introduce spectacle into a cheer routine.

● Handstand
A simple but good trick to have, especially when you can do a pirouette, walk on your hands or hold for extensive amounts of time. Handstands show strength and control.

● Front walkover
A front walkover mimics a cartwheel rolling forward. This move is a great transition that prepares you for harder skills.

● Back walkover
Exactly like a front walkover but going backward! Similar to the front walkover, it is a great transition while also preparing you for harder tricks.

● Aerial
An aerial is a no-handed cartwheel. Aerials are impressive and flashy, making them great additions to any floor routine.

● Front Tuck
Similar to a back tuck but performed in a forward motion, front tucks elevate a routine immensely. To learn how to do a front tuck visit How to do a Flip.

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