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Classification And Structure Of Zorb Balls

Dec, 14, 2021

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Zorb Ball is a huge sphere, mainly used for sports activities. There are usually different kinds of spheres, some of which can only accommodate one person, and the other can accommodate more than one person. This is based on your needs to choose. When the huge sphere rolled down from the mountain, there was a person or even more people in it.

In most cases, it can be used on flat surfaces or snow-covered hillsides, or on grassy slopes, or even on water. The wooden ramps and metal ramps are also suitable tracks for zorbing.

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Classification of zorb balls

Zorb balls are basically divided into two different kinds. One is the non- harness kind of ball, which allows the users to bounce freely within the ball. The second one is the harness kind of ball, the users are secured in the ball by the seat belt so that they can maintain a stable state when riding the ball.

The harnessed zorb ball which is created or made for two or three riders is designated for use in specific locations. They also keep the make the riders stable when riding and firmly fixed in one place during use. It also contains a big air cushion that provides a safe ride to reduce bumps and keep a smooth trip.


The structure of the zorb ball
Its structure is basically not complicated. A normal standard zorb ball is about two to three meters. It always contains a much smaller ball inside it. The distance between the two balls is about 50cm, and the layer between them is filled with air. Usually, zorb balls have two or only one tunnel entry. But they are carefully constructed to avoid potentially fatal accidents, especially during riding.


Where to buy a zorb ball
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