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hamster zorb ball in pool 2022

What We Can Do With The Three-Metre-High Balloon

Jun, 18, 2022

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Have you ever seen a giant balloon three metres high? Actually, this balloon is very famous in Europe and the USA. it is called a zorb ball and the main material is PVC. zorb balls made of PVC have many advantages, for example, it is able to completely insulate the water, which is what makes the water walking ball so popular. Moreover, the material is not harmful to humans, which is also crucial as we need to get inside this huge ball. In addition, it is particularly resistant to wear and tear and puncture. If it didn't have these two characteristics, would you dare to play with it?

So what can we do with such a huge human hamster ball? This is the topic we intend to discuss today.

zorb ball
Experience the water walking ball

The first way is the water walking ball. With the water walking ball you can walk and run freely on the water, even if you don't know how to swim, because as we mentioned in our previous article, the PVC material is completely waterproof. You can even race your girlfriend on the water, but I warn you, you may be faster in real life, but you won't necessarily be a winner on the water, as it's difficult to navigate the water walking ball. Also, you can bump into each other. I'm sure you've never hit each other in your life, after all it's too easy to get hurt.

Rolling down a slope

Have you ever had a dream about rolling down a slope. If you have had such a dream, you may have woken up from it. But the zorb ball does give you that experience. The most traditional three-metre high zorb ball can accommodate two people, such as you and your girlfriend, who are secured together inside the ball and tumble down the slope with the zorb ball. The entire length of the ramp can vary from just over 100 metres in some places to 700 metres in some amusement parks. You'll probably be screaming and feeling a huge sense of weightlessness throughout the tumble.

Try the bubble ball game

If you search the phrase "zorb ball games" on Google Chrome, you'll find a lot of bubble ball games. In London, the most popular bubble ball game is bubble football, a very new game where players in bubble balls try to shoot a football into the opposing goal by any means possible. This bubble ball game can be used for family gatherings, classmates' dinners or company reunions.

So, after seeing so many uses for the zorb ball, you are thinking of buying a zorb ball for yourself. May I suggest a bubble ball shop for you? Come and have a look at Kameymall.

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