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Buy A Good Quality And Safe Zorb Ball From Kameymall!

Oct, 29, 2022

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The zorb ball is a very new and fun recreational facility. It has become very popular in recent years. If you want to buy a zorb ball, then you must buy a good quality zorb, because a good quality zorb ball is very safe and can guarantee your safety to the maximum.

comfortable human zorb
Kameymall's high security zorb ball


This is a clear zorb ball with blue polka dots from Kameymall. In addition to this color zorb ball, you can also pick up other colors of zorb balls in Kameymall: red, yellow, pink, blue, etc. You can also customize the zorb ball according to your favorite patterns and colors.


The size of this zorb ball is 1.5 meters in diameter. We also offer other sizes of zorb balls. For example, 1.2m, 2m, 3m and so on. You can purchase the zorb ball that suits your needs. We can even customize the zorb ball in the size you need.

High security

Why is this zorb ball highly secure? First of all, the blue dots in the zorb ball are connected two by two, which acts as a fixation for the zorb soccer ball. This makes the zorb ball more sturdy. Secondly, there are two shoulder straps on the zorb ball, so you should carry them tightly when playing zorb ball game, which will ensure your safety to a great extent. Finally, it is made of 0.8mm PVC, which is very wear-resistant and not easy to break.


If you are interested in this zorb ball I described, then why not go to Kameymall and buy one? If you place your order now, we will send it to you within 2-5 working days so that you can receive your zorb ball in the shortest possible time. You are welcome to shop at Kameymall.

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