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Difference Between Safety Shoes And Ordinary Shoes

Jan, 04, 2022

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Kameymall has recommended safety shoes before. Safety shoes for women or for men are all important, But people may not know the difference between safety shoes and ordinary shoes so, in this article, we will introduce them.

From the point of view of manufacturing materials

Ordinary shoes generally use ordinary materials, such as textile cloth materials, artificial leather, etc., while safety shoes must use better quality insulating materials, such as anti-static materials, high-temperature resistance, and other special materials. Not to mention the sole. Ordinary shoes are generally ox tendon soles. From the current market, safety shoes use rubber soles or PU soles.

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From the place of use
Most of the places where safety shoes are used are in electroplating workshops, construction sites, laboratories, large machinery manufacturers, and other special workplaces, but ordinary shoes are basically used for walking, shopping, offices, and other public places where there is no great danger.

From the perspective of the design concept
Safety shoes are mainly used to protect the operator's feet. Therefore, the primary factor considered in the design is safety, while ordinary shoes mostly consider the functions of beauty, comfort, fashion, and lightness, just to meet the needs of consumers. The differences between safety shoes and ordinary shoes are also reflected in characteristics, applications, and other related aspects.
Therefore, Kameymall suggests that we cannot use ordinary shoes as safety shoes for work. We should consider the actual situation such as operation and working environment, and choose safety shoes of appropriate size to ensure the safety and health of employees and ourselves.

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