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Factors Affecting Anti Slip Of Safety Shoes Soles

Jan, 04, 2022

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There are many factors affecting the anti-slip of the safety shoe sole, such as sole materials (safety shoes sole materials include rubber, plastic, rubber and plastic materials, PU / PU, PU / TPU, PU / rubber, and other materials), ground hardness, dry humidity, smoothness, sole pattern, structure, etc. In this article, Kameymall will introduce you in detail.
Generally, the anti-skid effect on dry ground is often called dry anti-skid. The anti-skid effect when there is water on the ground is called wet anti-skid. In some special working or living environments, there may be not only general water on the ground, but also grease, or even oil and water. Therefore, there are oil anti-skid and oil and water anti-skid. According to different environments, the requirements of shoes for anti-skid function have different shoe types and sole designs.

long safety shoes
The surfaces

The roughness and unevenness of the sole pattern of safety shoes can effectively increase the actual contact area, so as to increase the friction and improve the anti-sliding effect. The deformation and actual contact area with the ground is also different with the structure, thickness, and depth of different shading. Too fine lines are easy to wear when supporting the human body, resulting in the rapid weakening of the anti-sliding effect; If the shading is too thick, the deformation is reduced when walking on general roads, resulting in a poor anti-sliding effect.

Special design
Therefore, the design of safety shoe shading is more important in the anti-sliding effect of the web interface. In the environment of the wet contact surface, the shading design of drainage directly affects the anti-sliding effect of the sole. When there is water between the sole and the contact surface, the sole pattern can not effectively exclude the water to the shading groove and both sides of the sole. The water will exist between the sole and the ground. The thin water layer plays a role in lubrication, greatly reducing the friction between the sole and the ground, resulting in slipping. Therefore, the design of a safety shoe sole pattern should consider not only the dry contact surface but also the wet contact surface with water.

In conclusion, the sole material and pattern structure of safety shoes play an important role in their anti-skid function.
Safety shoes are not only designed for men. As long as you need them, you can go to Kameymall to find a variety of safety shoes, including safety shoes for women.

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