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A Diary About Zorbing (Part 1)

May, 21, 2022

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I went to play a game with my dad last weekend. This game was very fun and I hadn't played it before. It was also very fun, but what made me most happy was not the game, but the time I spent playing it with my dad. The dad I remember was basically at work and rarely had time for me.

Have you ever seen a giant balloon three metres high? You probably think I am kidding you because how can there be such a big balloon? If a balloon is that big, a person can get in it. But after my dad took me to the grass and filled it with air, it was really three metres high. Dad told me it was the zorb ball.

zorb ball
What the zorb ball is

My dad later told me that these huge balloons that you can put on people are called the zorb ball, which was originally a huge three-metre high inflatable sphere, a bit like a super balloon. In more detail, the zorb ball is a giant sphere made up of two layers of giant transparent plastic balls of different sizes. This three metre high zorb ball was designed for traditional play by tumbling down a slope and it can accommodate two people playing the game together at the same time.

A few worries

At first I was terrified because my dad told me that we would have to get into the zorb ball and tumble down with the giant balloon from a height. I was afraid to go in because I was worried that the ball would break in the middle. If it broke then we would definitely fall hard to the ground.
I was also afraid that I wouldn't be able to breathe in there because my teacher told me that we breathe through oxygen. But I was worried that there wasn't enough oxygen inside this airtight sphere.


I was relieved

Later my dad told me to beg you that we can experience this game without worrying. He said this zorb ball was bought from Kameymall. They do a series of tests to ensure the safety of the participants before they are put on the market. He said that as long as I don't bring sharp objects like keys or hand jewellery into the zorb ball, there is no problem. Also, he said that the oxygen in the zorb ball would allow us to breathe for 15 minutes and that a game would normally take no more than 3 minutes.

If you would like to read the rest of my diary, please stay tuned.

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