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Different Figure People How To Choose Swimsuit

Dec, 11, 2021

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Everyone has a different figure. How to choose a suitable swimsuit is a difficult thing. If you don't go to the physical store to try on your swimsuit, you can read the article from Kameymall. Hope to give you some inspiration to buy swimsuits.


Thin woman

We should emphasize the lines of the body with bright colors. We should avoid wearing dark swimsuits. It is best to wear swimsuits with patterns all over the body so that people's eyes are attracted by those patterns and will not easily pay attention to the flat figure. In terms of style, we should also avoid choosing Strapless swimsuits.

swimsuit woman

Obese woman
It won't look slim because of wearing a tight swimsuit. On the contrary, being too tight will show the shortcomings of body shape. Young and obese women can choose a colorful swimsuit with vertical stripes to show their fitness and youthful vitality. The three-point style should be avoided by all means. It is more appropriate to choose the "backless" swimsuit.


Swimsuit for primary and secondary school girls

The swimsuit of girls in primary and secondary schools should be bright in color to show the fitness and liveliness of girls. For those with smaller breasts, they should wear swimsuits with horizontal lines or folds. For those with thicker legs, they should choose swimsuits with black frame patterns on the sides of the legs, which can make the legs feel slender.


A woman of good figure
Those with larger breasts can choose swimsuits with twill patterns or large print patterns, which can remove people's attention from the upper chest to achieve the effect of concealment. When the figure is pear-shaped due to an abdominal bulge, you can choose a three-color swimsuit. The colors on the waist are cross-matched, and the dark color under the waist can cover the bulged abdomen.

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