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The Way To Choose Appealing Swimsuits Made Of Soft Materials

Dec, 11, 2021

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As a swimsuit is a sports practical garment with strong tensile force, it is best not to choose the style with more splicing. When the amount of movement is large, it is very easy to open the line from the splice. At the sewing seam, three stitches and five threads are the basic stitches, and three stitches and six threads are the most firms. The elasticity of the thread shall be consistent with the fabric stretch.

How to buy swimsuits is a problem that puzzles most people who want to go swimming. In this article, Kameymall will answer this question for you!


Workmanship and safety

 The beachwear series had better choose a pleated line, which is not only beautiful but also more elastic and stretch.

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Health aspects
The surface layer of the silk-covered cotton swimsuit has the advantages of bright and clean chemical fiber fabric, and the inner layer is woven with pure cotton, which has no irritation to the skin, especially suitable for people with skin allergies. The crotch of the swimsuit should have lining cloth, and the swimsuit with lining has a longer service life. Wash and sun it.


Figure and skin color
For those with a large chest, it is suitable for wide shoulder strap V-neck swimsuit; Those with too small bust should avoid Strapless swimsuit as far as possible; The chest is flat, suitable for a decorative pleated swimsuit on the chest; Those with too large hip circumference may as well choose ultra-short swimsuit; For those with the thick waistline and lack of moving curve, the assembled swimsuit can make up for the defect and have a good effect after wearing; The leg shape is thick and short. The style with high cut legs and an acute angle at the lower part should be selected; Long and too thin legs lack a sense of symmetry, flat-legged pants and swimsuits are the first choices.
Kameymall has many different styles of swimsuits, bikini swimsuits, V-neck swimsuits, and other different kinds. If you are interested, come and buy it!

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