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What’s The Difference Between Safety Shoes And Common Shoes

Mar, 23, 2022

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For ordinary footwear, we must be familiar with, and safety shoes for women are shoes with all kinds of special functions or strengthen some performance, playing a role in protecting toe safety.  Some safety shoes look just like regular shoes, but they are fundamentally different in many ways.  Next flying crane labor insurance industrial purchase to take a look at the specific safety shoes and ordinary shoes what are the differences:   

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Four differences between safety shoes and ordinary shoes  

First, from the shoes themselves production materials, ordinary shoes generally use ordinary materials, such as textile cloth materials, artificial leather, and safety shoes must use good insulation materials, electrostatic materials, the first layer of cofskin, high temperature resistance and other special materials. The sole is not to mention, ordinary shoes are mostly cow tendon bottom, and safety shoes are made of rubber or PU bottom, these two materials can make safety shoes more wear-resistant, but also more anti-slip.  

Second, from the point of view of the place of use, the vast majority of the use of safety shoes are electroplating workshops, construction sites, large machinery factories and other specific workplaces. Ordinary shoes are basically used for walking, shopping, and in public places such as offices where there is no danger.  

Third, from the perspective of design concept, safety shoes are designed to protect the safety of people's feet, so the primary factor to be considered when designing them is safety. What ordinary shoe gives priority to consideration is beautiful, comfortable, fashionable, deft wait for an index, it is to cater to the need of consumer more.  

Fourth, the difference between safety shoes and ordinary shoes is also shown in characteristics, applications and other related aspects. Ordinary shoes can not be used as safety shoes, the purchase should also consider the specific operating environment, choose their own safety shoes.  


Safety shoes and ordinary shoes are both footwear, but as working shoes, it is recommended to use safety shoes with protective function. Fetch more information of buying safety shoes on Kameymall, we offer goods and provide you the first hand sales information!

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