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Keep Yourself Safe When Doing Snowfield Zorbing

Mar, 23, 2022

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Zorb ball, is an outer diameter of more than 3 meters, 1.8 meters inner diameter of the huge double ball, the ball is made of polymer polymer material PVC, to ensure the comfort and safety of players. Before playing, the blower is used to fill the air between the outer ball and the inner ball. After the passenger drills into the ball, the safety equipment is tied up with the help of the staff. By using inertia and gravity, the ball rolls down from the straight and flat snow field with a certain slope. During the roll, the challenger will follow the ball through rapid and frequent 360-degree rotations, experiencing the intense thrill of alternating between weightlessness and excess weight.  

zorb ball

The way you play the snowfield zorb ball  

Stationary: The rider's limbs and waist are fastened to the seat belt inside the ball, and the body rolls with the ball.  

Floating: the passenger is not fixed inside the ball. Before departure, one or two buckets of water are poured into the ball. The water depth is about 70 cm.  When the ball rolls, the rider floats on the water and rolls with the ball.  

Free walking: the rider is not fixed inside the ball, but walks inside the ball when the ball rolls. If the speed is consistent with the ball, the rider can keep his body upright inside the ball. This is the most difficult of the three ways, without acrobatic skills and many attempts to experience, I am afraid it is difficult to cope with.  

The introduction of domestic ski resort is the first kind of gameplay, relatively lower difficulty is also more popular.  


Matters needing attention

If you want to go snowfield zorbing, Kameymall has below tips for you to notice:

  1. Visitors with heart disease, high blood pressure or weak physical condition are not allowed to participate in the activity. Children under 1.50 meters in height, children under 12 years old, and older people over 55 years old are also not eligible to participate. The weight should not exceed 200 jin. If two people ride together, the weight should not be too different.   
  2. Some tourists may experience dizziness and headache after taking the train. It is suggested that passengers do not get out of the ball immediately after the ball stops rolling, but should stop at the same place and keep silence for two minutes.   
  3. Remove shoes, carry keys, mobile phones, glasses and sharp accessories should be placed in the ball inside the bag, so as not to cut the ball or hurt the body in rolling.   
  4. The ball is greatly affected by the weather, and should not be played in snowy days and strong winds of grade 4 or above. Otherwise, the ball is easy to roll out of the slide, causing danger.  

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