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If You Are A Player, What Will You Do In The Process Of Zorbing?

Nov, 10, 2022

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For getting a safe zorbing journey, what will you pay attention to if you are a player? Run slowly? Inflate your zorb ball in advance? Comply with relevant rules? In fact, these are all important tips for ensuring your safety while zorbing. However, there are many other tips which are more important and play a more critical role in helping you achieving the aim of protecting yourself. Come to read the following part and you will be benefited from it.

Right speed, right place, right movements

As a player who is going to play a zorb ball with others, what kinds of factors will you consider in order to achieve self protection?

First, speed control is important. Don’t run too fast, or unavoidable accidents will take place, which are both dangerous to yourself and others.

Second, do not bend down while bumping other players. Instead, you are supposed to use the sides of the ball to impact others if you want to get more scores for your team or yourself.

Third, do not lift your zorb ball casually unless you want to get out of it. Before you get out, you need to come to a corner of the field and signal your supervisor.

Fourth, wear safety belts and straps which are attached on your zorb ball. They are critical components which play an important role in protecting yourself while accidents take place.

Last but not least, do not try any stunts while zorbing. These stunts may increase your charm, but they also increase the risk of your zorbing activity. You need to be responsible both for yourself and others. You are not the only person in the zorbing field.

Safe zorbing needs you and me

For creating a safe zorbing journey, everyone needs to play his or her own part. Buying a quality zorb ball is the most basic and essential thing. Come to Kameymall where a variety of quality zorb balls are waiting for you.

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