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Home news Product Practice Dribbling With A Change Of Hand In Front Of The Body On The Air Track Mat (Part 3)
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Practice Dribbling With A Change Of Hand In Front Of The Body On The Air Track Mat (Part 3)

Jun, 07, 2022

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In the previous two articles, we have mentioned that PE teachers can use the gymnastic mat for marching forward change of hand dribbling exercises. We described the highlights and teaching methods of using the gymnastic mat for dribbling drills. It has many advantages over traditional PE lessons, for example, teachers can use the mats to design sports games, solve difficult problems and set up classroom exercises. Moreover, the gymnastic mat can ensure the safety of each participant during the training process. As for the teaching methods, in the last article we only covered half of them, i.e. the 4 steps, due to the word limit. Today we will continue with the remaining four steps.

air track mat

Recommended the air track mat

So, which gymnastic mat do we choose? I recommend the air track mat, which is, first of all, inflatable and therefore very easy to store - after all, it can be folded into a small piece once you have let the air out. Moreover, we can determine the softness of the air track mat depending on the amount of air input. Moreover, this mat is so versatile that you can even practise yoga on the water.

Teaching method

Step 5: Stand the mat on its side and dribble the ball in place with a change of direction up. Requirements: Stand the mat on its side in front of the practitioner, stand behind the mat with both feet open and parallel to the mat at the same width, shift the weight to the right side first, dribble the ball low in place twice, then suddenly press the right rear top of the ball to make the ball bounce to the front through the right side of your body, at the same time stomp the right foot to the left front, turn the upper body to the left, side shoulder as high as possible with the mat and press forward to block the mat, at the same time change the left hand to dribble the ball low. This exercise focuses on solving the problem of inconspicuous shoulder probing.

Step 6: Change direction in front of the body to change hands and dribble to accelerate. Requirement: Stand the mat facing the practitioner on the ground, after the practitioner changes hands in front of the body, press the left hand to the top of the back of the ball, step out with the left foot and stomp hard to accelerate and break through from the right side of the mat. The aim is to master the timing and the direction and size of the force used to change hands in front of the body.

Step 7: Crossing the pile. Requirements: The defender faces the practitioner with the right hand raised sideways, the practitioner first fakes to the left side of the defender, quickly changes direction in front of the body from the defender's arm under the stirrup, turns the body to explore the shoulder to change the direction of the dribble and accelerate. The aim is to appreciate that the centre of gravity should be low and fast when changing hands.

Step 8: Dribble the ball in front of the body in a continuous change of direction. Requirements: four small mats for a group, spaced 5m apart and standing upright, unified by a slow walk to do continuous body front change dribbling practice to start, then students according to their mastery of the level of points, their own decision speed to do continuous body front change dribbling. The aim of the exercise is to try dribbling with the right or left hand and to demonstrate the application of the technique according to their own learning.


Do you want to start training dribbling skills? Do you want to become a good player? You can buy an air track mat from Kameymall and start dribbling training.

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