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How Parkour Training Can Save Your Life (Chapter 1)

Dec, 22, 2021

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Parkour training is a healthy activity that people participate in as a leisure sport. However, don't think that parkour is just another sport! This activity can bring many benefits-especially for those who like to spend time outdoors!

We need to warn you that parkour training is a very intense workout! This is definitely a great way to sweat and burn calories, but it's not for everyone. But is it more than just exercise? Is parkour training a valuable survival skill? Or just another fashion? Please continue reading Kameymall's blog to find out:

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Should you practice parkour?

The word parkour originated from the French phrase "Parcours du combattant", which is an obstacle course-based training method used by the French military. Although parkour is called a recreational sport today, it is actually a tactical skill used to keep French soldiers healthy and strong. Parkour training is fun and a great sport because it includes running, jumping, and rock climbing. This is a challenge that will push you to your limits both physically and mentally.


A good way to sweat
Parkour requires a certain amount of strength and agility, so first of all, you need to regulate your body and put a certain amount of energy into regular fitness classes. Before starting this type of physical activity, strengthening muscle training is very important. It is said that when you exercise, your body releases happy hormones called endorphins. Once your body has adapted to the strenuous activity, you can start parkour training on an air track.

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