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How To Do A Side Flip

Dec, 22, 2021

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Rollover is a less traditional flip, often seen in hip-hop dance, free running, and parkour. The side flip has a very similar form and preparation to the front flip. Many people even do them on the wall or just from a standing position. It will be very interesting and gorgeous when you perform a rollover in front of others.


Prep for executing a side flip

Since the side flip is different in direction and structure compared to the front and backflips, the preparation work looks slightly different. You must adjust your body to complete the flip from the side. The following are some of the prerequisites you should have before attempting a rollover.


The cartwheel is where you put your hands on the floor and turn your body into a wheel shape. This helps your body prepare for side exercises.


Front flips
As mentioned above, a forward somersault is when you encounter a fist jumping and flipping forward in a fold position, which helps you understand the actual flipping mechanism.


Building forward momentum and height
Running and boxing jumps give you motivation, and practicing these will help you get enough height to flip.


Using arms to swing the body up
Run, then raise your arms and push them back; throwing arms helps provide extra motivation.


Rolling over the back of a spotter, block, or air track
Use air track to roll, stack the squares at a good height, and then roll. This will help your body understand the correct position of the roll.

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Use a trampoline to practice
A trampoline that you can buy from Kameymall will enable you to teach your body how to move in a lateral motion while rebounding and making it comfortable. This helps you build confidence and correct the shape to move to a softer surface. The correct form of rollover is more subjective: some people keep their knees in a slightly folded position, while others may place their knees behind their knees. Do whatever feels most comfortable.


We recommend that you equip yourself with air track products, no matter what skills you are practicing, these products will provide maximum versatility and flexibility to adjust with you. Air tracks are easy to store, set up, and carry with you, so you can train anywhere.


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