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Where Do You Buy An Air Track Mat For Sport And Leisure?

Jan, 05, 2023

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H1:Where Do You Purchase An Air Track Mat For Your Daily Exercising?
If you want to buy a piece of sport equipment for home sport and leisure, congratulations, you come to the right place. Air track mat for tumbling will be a wonderful choice for you. It is an inflatable air mat that is applied for both sport and entertainment. With the air track gymnastics, you can practice tricks, jumps and stunts also inside or outside.

Especially you are going to practice gymnastics skills, air track mat is necessary for you. These mats are specially designed for tumbling. They reduce high impact injuries that could occur during a performance or during practice. As a gymnast you are well aware of the possible impact injuries and hence take special care and practice hard to avoid such injuries.

Now, we’re going to give an introduction to the air track mat from Kameymall to help you choose the proper one for yourself.

 air track tumbling

The introduction to an track mat

(1)About material
The air track mat is more advanced than the foam mat. For example, the inner layer of the gymnastic air track mat is made of imported high-strength PVC, an elastic and sturdy material, and the drawing distance is tight. It has more elasticity and better quality compared with ordinary air cushions. It provides you with enough comfort when you are performing on it.

Additionally, it helps you prevent from slipping even if you fall on the mat in an unexpected way, the surface is non-slip.
This air track mat is double-layer, common air track mats are divided into rectangles and circles. For the rectangular air track mat, there is a line or two lines on the surface. In addition, there are four grasp handles on the sides, people can grasp the handles to move it around.

Rectangle is the main shape of the air track mats, so you need to measure the length and width of the place where you want to put it on. Maybe you will be interested in putting several air track mats together. This is a good idea. If you're interested in multiple skill tumbling training definitely, please consider a larger size.

In general, the thicker, the mat bouncier. Thickness is 4 in, 8 in, or 13 in are the most common options. 13-inch mats are popular among power tumbling. Choices between 4 and 8 in are the best choice for your home use.

(3)The weight it can bear
Due to the sturdy and steady PVC material, the weight it can bear will make you surprised. In general, an eight-meter long, one-meter wide and 0.3-meter thick air track mat can bear the weight of more than 500kg. Thus, 4~5 kids can perform on it at the some time.

Advantages of air track mats you should know before buying it

(1)Easy to set up
With an air track mat for gymnastics you can securely train jumps and flips without being worried about landing too hard. It provides bounce, which gives more air and power to your jumps. You can adjust the bounciness of the mat by changing the pressure. With maximum pressure the air track mat can feel hard, if you lower the pressure, it will be more flexible and softer. You can find the proper pressure by adjusting different kind of pressure levels.

In addition, you can set up it quickly and take at most 3 minutes to inflate it fully. and you can start training whenever you want and wherever you want!

The air track mat can also softens the landing to keep you safe if you don’t play tricks as planned. Be aware that this mat is not designed to be a landing mat so please don't try jumping from high places onto it.

(2)Easy to carry
An air track mat is also great training mat for parkour and tricking training. With this mat, you can practice new tricks and tips safely without the risk of injury. Because the mat can be deflated and folded, you can also take it outside and train in your favorite places.

What should you pay attention to if you place your mat on grass, concrete or other surfaces?
The air track mat is durable enough that can be placed on grass, concrete, sand and even the pool. Some of these surfaces may require simple treatment to make sure that your air track mat is not damaged while in use.

The surface on which these mats can be placed usually depends on their material.If you want to install it outdoors, you need to add extra protection.

In this case, you need to put a protective layer on the surface. This protective layer can be a tarp or something similar just as long as it is big enough to completely cover the whole area of ground underneath your mat.

If there are lots of sharp objects on the area where you want to set up your air track mat on, you should put a protective layer down first. While plastic can be used as a protective layer, plastic is likely to slip.

(3)Easy to adjust the pressure
The right amount of pressure is determined by the athlete's weight and type of activity. Be sure to refer to the instructions for the air rail pad you are installing to find the right pressure. You can adjust your "flexibility" to suit your requirements. Most products offer charts based on exercise and weight, but a good rule of thumb is to add some air to make sure you don't top up.

(4)Easy to fold and store
Please put it away when it is not in use. It can be easily inflated and deflated so that you can easily carry your mat to and from where you go. Of course, after this mat is deflated, it can be folded into a much smaller volume, and then putting it in the cabinet or under the bed will be a good idea. It will not take too much room if you manage it in this way.

(5)Easy to clean
Air track gymnastics mat is waterproof and it is very easy to clean. For example, if there are stains on your air track mat, all you need to do is get some detergent on the towel and scrub gently, and the air track mat will be cleaned in no time. Remember not to use a brush to brush it.

Generally speaking, air track mats include warranty of 2~5 years, so when you need to replace any part, please contact the seller to repair your air track mat.


(1)Of course, an air track mat is not just used for perform gymnastics skills. This mat can be a safe place for a kid to work on their motor skills. In fact, some course institutions use them for that exact purpose to prevent injuries.

(2)What's more, air track mats have been widely used in cheerleading, acrobatics, and various forms of martial arts. This works great and can be even more cost-efficient if you have kids that are involved in various sports like these since they can all take turns using the air track mats and getting the most use out of it as possible.

(3)Typically, you buy a yoga mat to practice yoga. You buy a foam mat to play games. An air track tumbling mat is also most likely to be used to protect athletes from injury. The air track mat, on the other hand, is very versatile. You only need to buy one mat and you can use it for several things. There are even some things that can only be done with the help of the air track mat that a traditional gymnastics mat cannot do, such as practising yoga on top of a pool.

Why should we choose such an an track mat for athletes?

With the help of air track mat, you can try new tricks and learn your sport or art with confidence quickly, since this mat can. Knowing that the ground is safe for practice, your students easily get the confidence to come forward. As a student, you can increase your confidence levels when you learning any form of sport or activity. These mats can be very suitable for home use and you can practice your training at ease.

Choosing a suitable mat and mastering the correct gymnastic exercise skills can prevent the users from being serious injured during the exercise.

Get an air track mat from Kameymall

If you are looking for a new air track mat for you sport and leisure activities, please browse though the Kameymall, which supplies various types of these mats, they come in different colors, sizes and shapes. In order to enjoy your sport and leisure time at home, this mat will be an ideal option.

Even if our mats are durable, they are not indestructible. There is always a risk of damage if you take out the home gymnastics air track from the gym. Thus, proper maintenance is necessary for you.

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