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What Should I Consider Before Buying An Air Track Mat?

Mar, 05, 2022

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The air track mat is also known as taekwondo somersault mat, which is used for yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, taekwondo halls, among other things. These are so easy to use, they can be used at home or outside. This is one of the main reasons inflatable air track mats are so famous. Air mat tracks are designed to ensure fun and safety. A good mat is highly durable and is very reliable. It also offers optimum performance and encourages physical activities to promote good health.

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Height & Length

The first thing to consider is the height and length of the air track. There are many options available like 3 meters, 5 meters, or 7 meters. You can choose the mat according to your preferred length by taking into consideration your height and needs.

Deepness and Base
Another thing to keep in mind is the mat’s deepness and base. You can buy the 9 cm mat and 21 cms mat. If you're a big height, you can also consider buying a mat with more than 21 cm as it may be the best choice for you. It is also necessary to keep in mind the width of the air track mat. You can search for thicker and wider air track mats.

You should consider the quality and production of materials as they determine the durability of the mat. Some mats have 0.8 mm PVC mesh cloth. They also use a South Korean wire which is a double-sided coating.
The inflatable mat is far better than the traditional sponge air cushion as it offers elasticity, comfort, and convenience. So, you should consider getting an inflatable air track mat. The PVC cloth protects the mat from much serious damage, which ensures the safety of the owner. When buying the mat, you should make sure it has a double wall material, is waterproof, reinforced stitching, and is UV resistant. If you would like to use the air track mat outside, then you need to check the air track portability. Smaller and thinner air tracks are easier and lighter to carry. If the mat is light, it becomes easier to carry them. Some mats can also have a handle on the side. This makes traveling and storing the mat easier.

The air track mats come with a lot of varieties to choose from, size, shape, and dimension. At Kameymall, you can get an excellent service for the mats you buy.

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