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Zorb Balls Are A Revolution To Free Your Body

Nov, 22, 2022

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Put yourself into a huge ball, and then roll down the slope with force, this is one of the recent extreme sports crazes that is rapidly sweeping the world—zorbing balls.


Why Is Playing Zorb Balls So Different

zorb ball

There are two different ways to play the ball. Either the person fixed tied to the ball inside, or play it as a huge water ball where people can slide around on the water with the rotation of it.


The world's longest ball field is more than 700 meters, located in New Zealand. The zorbing ball from the top of the slope rolled down to the bottom takes a full minute. People in the ball continuously manage 360 degrees of rotation, experiencing weightlessness and rotation for the dual stimulation.


What does the zorb ball look like


The ball is 2.5 meters in diameter, the thickness is 80 centimeters with good elasticity.


How to play the zorb ball?


The ball can be played by two people at the same time. When people enter the sphere, their hands and feet will be tied with hands and feet, and they will rotate 360 degrees disorderly with the slope of the field. So much fun with it!


Is the game safe?


Zorbing balls are very safe. However, pregnant women, people with heart disease, and hypertension, and the elderly are not suitable for this sport. Other healthy and normal people, with the knowledge of the staff, can experience the strange stimulation it brings.


Because the ball has an air cushion, it will play a buffering role when colliding with objects and rolling in uneven places, so that people are safe inside and will not be injured. And centrifugal force will also make people cling to the wall of the ball, so people will not roll in the ball.


Playing with zorbing balls have become a trendy way for parents to keep their kids healthy. In the process, people need to constantly overcome the gravitational force, resulting in a weightless. This short movement against gravity can produce many changes in people's health, with great benefits for the heart and respiratory system. Come to Kameymall to get a fit life!

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