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useful big ball zorbing from Kameymall

Let’s Go! Avocado!

Jul, 20, 2022

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Do you enjoyed avocado? Have you known there are so many benefits for eating avocado?

Benefits of enjoying avocados

1. The simplest avocado salad
The first is the simplest appetizer, avocado salad, in this era of the pursuit of health, many women in order to lose weight, will be salad as the main course, then nutrition and satiety are very important, then long very need this a healthy and delicious avocado salad, as long as the avocado and other vegetables and fruits mixed with a mix on the completion of it.
2. A simple and practical avocado sandwich
Sandwiches are also a quick and filling option, just slice the avocado and stuff it into the bread, a delicious avocado sandwich is complete, giving each morning a fresh start.
3. Advanced version of avocado sushi
The softness of the avocado and the sticky texture of the rice will dance in your mouth, making it creative and delicious.
Yes after you read this benefits for avocados, you will be so surprised that so great the avocados are!Actually in our lives, there are not only avocados, but also the mint green (which is similar color with avocados) human hamster ball for zorbing has so many advantages.

Buy this green zorb ball
This product name is “Zorb Ball PVC Green Yellow Clear Human Bubble Ball Inflatable Zorbing Roller Kameymall” and the size is 2.4*2.2*1.8M so it’s enough large to play this.

If you are also interested the material, it is 0.8mm PVC, it means you can play this ball alone. And being different hard plastic, the durable PVC that is flexible and perfect for bouncing on water. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like this color you can select the green or clear.

Maintain and Storage:
1. Disinfect and clean the bubble regularly.
2. Check the bubble before using. If you find any damage, please fix it with our repairing kit and glue.
3. After use, please remove sundries outside and inside the bubble.
4. Before packing, please make sure the bubble is clean and dry.Then store it in cool and dry place.

Avocado Zorb
Have a try for this zorb ball from Kameymall!

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