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Buy A Zorb Ball And Play It In Three Ways

Jun, 04, 2022

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The zorb ball is also called the New Zealand zorb ball. It is a huge double-layered ball with an outer diameter of 2.5~3 meters and an inner diameter of 1.5~1.8 meters. The sphere is made of high-molecular polymer material PVC, which can ensure the comfort and safety of users. Since it can be used outdoors, a number of outdoor activity enthusiasts are fond of it.


It is reported that the zorb ball originated in the late 1990s, and the introduction of the zorb ball into the snow field was about 10 years after it was invented. At present, there are 3 kinds of zorb games in the world: fixed, floating and free walking.


How to play a zorb ball?

Before playing, use the blower to fill the ball with air. After the person gets into the ball, with the help of the staff, fasten the safety equipment, and use the inertia and gravity to make the ball roll down from the straight and flat snow with a certain slope. In the process of rolling, the challenger will quickly and frequently make a 360-degree rotation with the ball, so as to experience the intense stimulation brought by the alternation of weightlessness and overweight.


Three kinds of zorb games
Fixed: The person’s limbs and waist are fixed on the seat belt in the ball, then his body will roll with the ball.


Floating type: The occupants are not fixed in the ball. Before departure, the staff will pour one or two buckets of water into the ball, and the water depth is about 70 cm. When the ball rolls, the rider floats on the water and rolls with the ball.

Free walking style: The rider is also not fixed in the ball. When the ball rolls, the person walks in the ball. If the speed is consistent with the ball, he can keep his body upright in the ball. This is the most difficult of the three methods. It is very difficult to handle if the user has no some acrobatic skills and operation experience.


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