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Clothing Requirements For Gymnastics Competitions

Jan, 10, 2022

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What kind of clothes should I wear in gymnastics? Many people must have this question, so Kameymall will introduce you to gymnastics clothes!

Artistic Gymnastics

The international gymnastics scoring rules clearly stipulate that in all group competitions, athletes should wear unified clothes. In the competitions of pommel horse, rings, parallel bars, and horizontal bars, they must wear vests, long gymnastics pants, and gymnastics shoes (or socks). The reason for this provision is that these four events are mainly dominated by the movement of the above limbs. Wearing trousers not only has little impact on the athletes' movements but also can increase the beauty of the movements. The floor exercise and horse vaulting basically involve the whole body, especially the legs. In order to ensure that athletes give better play to their level and create better results in the competition, the rules stipulate that they can wear shorts or barefoot (to prevent slipping). If an athlete violates these regulations, a certain score will be deducted from the total group score or individual score.

Clothes’ Accessories
In terms of performance, because of both lightness and beauty, suspenders and miniskirts are the most suitable. In addition, in terms of color, blue is recognized as having the effect of relieving tension and achieving calmness, taking into account the players' surprise and nervous mood during the competition. Therefore, considering various factors, the blue sling is the most suitable. In addition, in order to bring incentive effect to performers, blue hats are also indispensable. It is recommended to use training equipment and air track, which can protect everyone from injury.

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