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Air Track Is Handy And Adjustable

Feb, 10, 2022

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What is the air track?

Kameymall air track is an inflatable track, which takes up little space when deflated. Unlike foam mats, this does not only absorb impact energy but also perfectly pushes to acrobatic elements.
Air track is famous for tumbling in country houses in the USA and Europe. It consists of a special material called Double Wall fabric, a three-dimensionally woven double-walled material, the two surfaces of which are connected to each other by means of many evenly distributed pile threads. Since all pile threads are the same length, they determine the maximum distance between both walls of a double-walled fabric.

40 foot air track

You can easily adjust the pressure (hardness and softness) depend on your need. If you set it to maximum pressure the air track can feel hard and if you set it to minimum pressure, it will be more flexible and softer. Which kind of pressure you will choose depend on skills you want to practice.


An air track can be deflated and rolled up that you can carry it to everywhere. You can deflate and take it to any place where you will go to. They make your training sessions more effective and you can aim higher to achieve better results too. you can take one of them to the gym, entertainment centers and even swimming pools.


Where can you buy an air track?
One of the most crucial things you should know before buying an air track is the shop where you will buy it. Right? So, have to done some research and get the best place to buy an air track?
If not, don’t worry because we have done it on your behalf and have the best place to shop an air track: Kameymall. Customer satisfactory of our products and will introduce them to family and friends.

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