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Advantages of using Air track

Jan, 19, 2022

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What is an air track?

Air tracks are pneumatic sports mats ranging in length from 3m to 10m. Yes, you can use the air path outside. After cleaning rocks and other sharp objects, lay the air path on the lawn/balcony. Despite the fact that it is just a mat, the Air track has a number of advantages. Air Track smooth’s out landings, ensuring that serious injuries are avoided if the maneuver does not go as intended. Please keep in mind that the Air Track may not have been intended to be a crash mat, so don't try to jump from high positions to it.

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Why are air tracks superior to standard quilted mats?
For many reasons, air tracks have replaced traditional quilted mats:
1. It provides gymnasts jump with outstanding support, rebound, and high rises.
2. They are more compact and convenient to carry when pressed and folded than quilted mats.
3. It shrinks quickly, becomes compact and useful for keeping in small places.
4. It is instantly inflated with electric pumps and is ready to use.
5. Their use reduces the possibility of damage during practice.

Air tracks thickness
Most air tracks are available in 10cm or 20cm thicknesses. Thicker mats provide greater adaptability. You can change the hardness of the rugby regulating the air pressure. The lower pressure creates a bouncy surface, allowing for larger jumps and gentle landings with less impact on health. Hydrostatic pressure will provide a more rigid and level structure with a quick rebound, similar to a sprung floor. Thin mats are less versatile because they require more pressure to keep them from getting to the bottom. A thinner mat (10 cm) is often recommended for athletes under 12 years old. You can choose one carpet over another depending on the games you participate in, as well as your age, talent, and weight.
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