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Benefits Of Air Track

Jan, 19, 2022

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An air track is a type of gym mat that is inflatable. Air track was introduced to the commercial market recently. Air track quickly became popular among young, enthusiastic gymnasts.

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The Advantages of Air track

A good gymnastics air track can help you stay focused on your exercises while reducing the possibility of injury. It is lightweight and portable, and when not in use, it can be rolled up and stored. Air Tracks are available in various lengths to accommodate a variety of spaces and needs.
The following are the advantages of using an air track:
1. Air tracks create a low-impact landing surface, which reduces the risk of injury.
2. Air tracks are lightweight and portable, allowing them to be moved as needed and used at home or the gym.
3. Air tracks allow gymnasts to practice moves repeatedly in order to gain confidence and learn new skills.
4. Air tracks provide excellent bounce-back, which can help with height.

Can you change the bounciness?
With AirTrack, you can safely practice jumps and flips without worrying about landing too hard. AirTrack adds bounce to your jumps, giving them more air and power. By varying the pressure, you can adjust the mat's bounciness.

The AirTrack can feel hard at maximum pressure, but lowering the pressure makes it more flexible and softer. You can determine the appropriate pressure amount by experimenting with various pressure levels.

Air Tracks' material
Air tracks must be made of durable and resilient material. This material provides support for practicing flips and somersaults. Air track models of high quality are made of PVC drop-stitch material that is waterproof.
The top and bottom layers of the air track PVC material are stitched together using polyester threads in the drop stitch coating method. Air tracks that are subjected to strong pressure and pounding from practicing athletes benefit from this technology, which increases sturdiness and stability.

If you've decided to buy it, Kameymall is your best bet. They have a large collection of Air tracks, which gives you more options.

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