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Buy A Zorb Ball For Your Joy

Apr, 25, 2022

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Zorb ball is a beautiful and huge PVC transparent ball that allows people to get inside it. People at different ages (usually 12~55) can play this game as long as their bodies are healthy, in addition, you can use it for both individuals and groups because of the unique designs and various sizes of zorb balls.


Whether you want to go for an exciting adventure, or participate in some activities with friends on holidays, zorb ball is the an excellent project that you can try.


Types of zorb ball

In fact, zorb balls are mainly divided into two types, one is land zorb and another is water zorb. The land zorb is usually used on many surfaces like the grass and beach. While the water zorb is used for many water games.


The structure of zorb ball
It consists of two different balls, with one ball in the other and a layer of air in between. This acts like a shock absorber for the rider. Balls are lightweight and made of flexible plastic. Many balls have straps to restrain the rider, while others allow the rider to run freely on the ball or be tossed back and forth by the rolling motion.


The diameter of a regular sphere is usually about 1.5m to 2.5m, which is designed for different heights and ages. The inward and external spheres are joined by hundreds and hundreds of little nylon strings. There are one or two entrances on a zorb ball so that the rider can enter it through the tunnel.


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