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A Fun Sport Activity - Zorb Ball

Dec, 21, 2021

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The human-size ball is known as a zorb ball, with this large transparent ball, you can experience the unexpected and exciting game with your family. This sounds very interesting.


What is a zorb ball?

Zorb ball is a giant, transparent, and inflatable circle that you can get inside and use to ride down a hill, walk on the surface of the water, or even play games with others on flat ground. Whether you're walking on water, competing with your friends on an obstacle course, or rolling downhill, you will have fun that you've never had before.

human hamster ball inflatable

How to play a zorb ball
You are getting ready for rolling down at the top of the hill, the staff will put the zorb ball in place and give you some advice, and then they’ll help you inside. They may give you a GoPro to record the experience. After everything has been prepared, then they will zip up the door and the ball down the hill.

In general, the zorb ball will start rolling down the hill, accelerating as it goes. On your first ride down, just experience it. The second time, you can try a new way — just like some people want to make it down the hill standing up the whole way — which is almost impossible!


It keeps safe when riding
If you are worried about getting injuries when rolling down a slope in a plastic ball, don't worry! These balls are designed to minimize the impact of bumps while riding. Unlike a hard plastic human hamster ball, zorb balls are built like a ball inside of another ball with a layer of air between them. This layer of air works as cushioning to keep you safe.


The conclusion
Are you planning to take some activities with others on holiday? If yes, add this ball to your shopping cart. Kameymall is a great website, which provides a number of kinds of these balls, it is easy for you to get a high-quality zorb ball.

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