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The Origins of Zorbing

Feb, 08, 2022

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Humans invent a plethora of different ways to entertain themselves. To many people, zorbing appears to be out of this world. It is, however, an enjoyable activity that puts people's balance and muscular movements to the test. Here's a little more on the history of zorbing.


History of Zorbing

When plastic balls were invented for rodent pets to exercise in the 1970s, zorbing was born. In the 1980s, the Dangerous Sports Club created the first zorb ball with seats. It was a 23-meter-diameter hamster-ball-shaped spherical. It was created for thrill-seekers and fun-seekers, however, it was finally demolished.

new zealand zorb ball
When two friends produced a plastic version of a zorb ball that could stand, New Zealand became a well-known zorbing destination. The ball was an experiment in maintaining balance as participants descended short hills at increasing speeds. It was born in a garage, and the founders still run a business today.

When it was featured on shows like Gladiators in the 1990s, zorbing grew more popular. The sport gained popularity thanks to a 1991 film starring Jackie Chan. In the middle of the 1990s, zorbing was recognized as a sport. New Zealand was a key place for the sport's development during the time.
Zorbing currently comes in a variety of forms, including a zorb ball track at Fun Crew USA. They built a track featuring hills, slopes, and other dips or inclines that were inflated. It's almost 80 feet long and is a fun and exciting way for friends to spend time together. Similar events are currently taking place in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Thailand.


Zorbing is exciting
Zorbing demonstrates what a little imagination and a desire to have a good time can produce. The history of zorbing demonstrates the sport's slow evolution, and there will be more exciting changes in the future.
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