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Home news Product A Bubble Game For Family Party (Part 2)
bubble zorb ball game for family

A Bubble Game For Family Party (Part 2)

Jun, 18, 2022

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In my last post, I have introduced you to the rules of the game Sharks and Minnows and highlighted that if you want to experience this game, make sure you have a bubble zorb ball for each participant. Since this game is so fresh and fun, I am going to make it a surprise for Father's Day and I hope my father will be happy. So, now let me go on and share this game with you.

There are actually three main types of zorb balls, which are used for tumbling down slopes, also known as zorbing, walking or running on water and kicking through some bubble ball games, including the one we mentioned above. These three types of zorb balls differ in construction, but the most obvious difference is in size. So when we buy the zorb ball we must think about what we are going to use it for.

So, let's move on today to why I'm using the shark and minnow game as entertainment at family gatherings, shall we?

zorb ball
No limit to the number of players

We know from the rules of this game that there is only one person to act as the shark, but the game does not specify how many people are needed for the minnows. So, the actual number of people involved in the game can be adjusted by us to suit the reality. This is one of the key reasons why it is suitable for family gatherings, where the number of people is not too large but still varies quite a lot. After all, if you pull in aunts and uncles as well as cousins, we are not quite sure how many participants there will be in total. This game, on the other hand, is appropriate no matter how many people there are.

Simple rules

The rules of this game are relatively simple, so it may only take a few minutes from the time you decide to experience the game to the time you start playing it, as you actually spend very little time learning the rules. Moreover, this feature is also very beneficial for our parents to play the game with us when they attend family gatherings, after all, they naturally take longer to familiarise themselves with the rules as they are really less concerned with the entertainment.


I'm sure you're wondering where I found this game, but I'll tell you in confidence that it's at Kameymall, where you can also buy a wide range of zorb balls.

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