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An Adventurous Game

Jan, 12, 2022

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Zorbing is an adventurous game that is mostly played in European countries like Newzealand, the United Kingdom, and Canada, dating back to 1990. In this game, a person is made to enter in a transparent ball having spheres of differing diameters and rolled down the hill. This ball is called a zorb ball or glass ball. It consists of two spheres, one outer and one inner, differing in diameter and separated at a distance of less than 1 meter. Air is filled between the two spheres to impart the ball's elastic properties. The diameter of the outer sphere is about times the inner sphere. The volume of a typical zorb ball is 70 to 80 kegs. Zorb ball has PVC ( Poly-vinyl chloride) as the essential composition element.

inflatable rolling ball

Here are the features of a zorb ball:

1-It is not dear at all and can be transferred from one place to another.

2-It is easily workable since it can be deflated when not needed and inflated when needed.

3- It has been invested with the properties of high durability, tensile resistance, anti-aging due to the provision of the high-quality polymer as a formation material. Additionally, the constituent polymers give it the attributes of being invulnerable to environmental effects and toxins.
4- Zorb balls are divided into two types, one is harnessed and another is unharnessed. Unharnessed balls can carry up to three people, while harnessed balls are designed for one to two people.


How to play the zorb ball?
It is aimed at providing flawless protection from high-impact injuries while zorbing. This glass ball is also used in combating and water sports. Moreover, it is used in sports like Aqua zorbing, water zorbing, land zorbing, roller zorbing, and combating.

If you are a true lover of Zorbing and other kindred sports and searching for an ideal zorb ball to stand out from the rest, you must visit Kameymall: it is an online store where you can choose the most suitable zorb ball for yourself.

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