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With A Zorbing Ball, Your Child Will Never Be Bored!

Oct, 25, 2022

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If you often hear your child complain about being bored on vacation, why not give him a zorb ball? Zorb balls are a new form of entertainment that is fun to play with and I suggest you get a zorb ball so your child won't get bored.

The zorb ball from Kameymall


The giant inflatable plastic ball in this picture is the zorb ball. The zorb ball is translucent and has many black dots on it. It is a combination of two balls, the inner ball and the outer ball.



The diameter of the zorb ball is 2.5 meters, so you can put your whole person inside the zorb ball. Due to the size and structure of the zorb ball, it is perfect for zorbing and you can experience the thrill of zorbing.



The zorb ball is made of 0.8 mm PVC, making it very strong and durable. The material is waterproof, so zorb balls can also be used on the water. Zorbing is also a fun activity on the water.


Services offered by Kameymall

We offer a customization service, so if you want your zorb ball to have your favorite design or logo on it, then you can contact our customer service and we will customize your zorb ball for you. In addition, we offer a one-year warranty. If you have a quality problem with your zorb ball within one year, you can contact us and we will do our best to fix it.



Kameymall offers not only a wide range of zorb balls, but also many other daily necessities and clothes that you may need in your life. If you place an order now, we will ship your order within 2-5 business days to ensure you receive your products in the fastest possible time. You are welcome to buy zorb balls from Kameymall.

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