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Fit Your Feet Is Important For Selecting Safety Shoes

Mar, 16, 2022

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Sometimes buy safety shoes for woman to try on the size of the shoes are appropriate, did not expect to really wear only to find crowded feet. It could be that you're not trying on your shoes correctly. So, how to choose the right shoes?  

safety shoes

Choose safety shoes that fit well  

First, stand on one foot.  The feet are slightly larger when standing than when sitting. If you just sit and try on the shoes, you won't be able to get the size.  When trying on shoes, you should stand up. It is better to stand on one foot for a while to test the stability and width.  If you can't stand steadily or your feet tilt to the side, shoes can't support your feet properly, so try not to buy them.  

Second, take at least 50 steps. Don't try on barefoot, wear cotton socks.  Both feet should try on at the same time, pull the zipper or tie the shoelace, and then stand up and walk around for a while, to give both feet sufficient time to feel whether the shoes fit, the best to walk more than 50 steps, if there is obvious rubbing foot, clamp foot feeling, it shows that the shoes are not suitable for you.  

Third, stay where you are. Step on the spot for half a minute, and then shake your body back and forth. If your toes feel compressed, the shoe is not the right size.  

Fourth, take a jump.  When you walk, your feet carry all the weight of your body, so a good pair of shoes should relieve these stresses.  You can feel the shock absorption with just one jump.  Good shoe, although sole is not thick, heel of shoe also has absorb shock processing, when be born, the person can feel soft soft flexibility, won't sprain crural or "shock" hemp double foot.  If the ball of the foot is numb when landing, heel pain, the sole of the foot feels stiff, indicating that the shock absorption effect is general.  

Fifth, land on the tiptoes or heels of your feet. This also tests the stability of the shoe. If your body wobbles, it's not stable enough.  

Sixth, jog first, then stop. When trying on shoes, especially sneakers, be sure to jog for more than 1 minute to see whether the feet have a relaxed and comfortable feeling;  After jogging, you should stop quickly. If the shoes slip, the friction of the sole is not enough, so it is not recommended to buy them.  

Try shoes should step on the hard surface, try on the carpet will affect the effect;  It is best to try on shoes at 3 to 6 in the afternoon. Before trying them on, observe the appearance of the shoes, the workmanship and whether the arch of the sole is raised. At the same time, touch the inside of the shoes whether there are wrinkles or uneven stitches.  

Write in the back  

After mastering the above method of trying on shoes, when choosing labor protection shoes or safety shoes online, you can use the above mentioned, hoping to help you buy a pair of appropriate and comfortable safety shoes.  You can also consult Kameymall for professional advice.  

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