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Zorbing Everyday And We Are Happy Everyday

Jun, 01, 2022

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Just want to change your fitness routine and try something completely unexpected? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, zorbing might be for you. But what is a Sauber ball, and where can you buy an inflatable one?  

Read on to find out and learn what makes Zorbing such an epic event.  

There are many ways to get to zorb  

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons the zorb ball trend hasn't slowed down is because there are so many different ways to zorb.  

You can use water Zorb balls on a lake or ocean and eventually make your dreams come to life by walking on water. You can also pour plenty of water into a ball and see how long you can get up and walk without slipping.  

Especially for younger children, you may want to look at a spherical ground ball that is not actually completely enclosed. The inflatable, sometimes called a "bumper ball," allows children's legs to walk freely on the ground as usual, but it's also easy for them to bump into each other or safely fall over.  

zorb ball

Does anything affect the speed?  

If you need speed, then you'll love everything about Zorbing.  

It's important to know that your Zorb won't fly fast enough, but you can still expect a lot of bouncing as you ride.  

If you're particularly interested in going as fast as possible, aim to go downhill with a little tailwind behind you. Your weight also affects your ability to zorb fast, and if you wear a seatbelt while zorb, you can speed up a bit too.  

But don't worry -- you probably don't need to worry about feeling sick while riding. That's because your body rotates about every nine meters.  


Where can I buy my own Zorbing ball?  

We know this article has you ready to try Zorbing. However, renting your own Zorb ball is expensive and complicated -- plus, if you run out of space, you'll have to wait until a spot is available. You might also want to get some practice before you play a game or take a class.  That's why we recommend you buy your own Zorb. Whatever it is you're looking for, we hope you find it. Browse our mythology inventory at Kameymall and prepare for an event you'll never forget.  

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