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How To Play Zorb Football

Jun, 07, 2022

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Have you ever heard of zorb football or bubble football? Since 2011, the Norwegian invention has been entertaining those who want to try something special outside of traditional football. Since zorb football is not only a sport but also a recreational opportunity, its rules are certainly easier than the original rules. Avoiding uncertainty doesn't hurt if you want to give it a try. That's why you're useful and you can now learn how to play zorb football from our article!

What is zorb football

This form of entertainment may still be new to you, but it may have piqued your interest and you'll be tempted to give it a try. Imagine that zorb football is like regular football, with fewer rules and lots of laughter. The essence of the game is a player running behind a zorb ball, trying to score a goal. First, maybe you have the problem of what happens when players attack each other and fall over. Simply put: nothing happened, they just laughed. Since player safety inside the ball is aided by shoulder straps and inner handles, it is a completely safe sport.

Before the game
Before you want to take part in a zorb football match, it's best to know that you can have at least six people in the game. If you are already on the pitch, you must first divide the players into two teams. Then warm up to prevent muscle cramps and be able to keep up with the pace. Finally, the rest is to pick up the balls! Ensure that the safety belts are properly secured, as they provide complete protection against possible collisions!

The course of the game
You have nothing to do but have fun on the court! In zorb football, there is only one rule: score as many goals as possible and then knock down your opponent. Players who fall to the ground during a game must be allowed to stand up before the opponent attacks again. This rule must be strictly observed because the player's feet are fragile. Although this sport belongs to the category of safety, of course, we provide a referee throughout the competition!

Now that you have learned how to play zorb football. If you want to try an unusual sport, you can choose the zorb ball from Kameymall and have fun!

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