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Celebrating Father's Day By Water Zorbing

Jun, 15, 2022

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Father's Day is fast approaching. Do you have any plans to do something for your own father on Father's Day. I have such an intention. Because my father has always been a rather honest, hard-working and responsible man. He has worked hard for us for years and now that I have the ability to earn money, I plan to give him something in return.

I decided to take my father to experience what it would be like to walk or run freely through water. You will be amazed to see this. Even if you can swim, you can't do running on water, can you? This is real life, it's not like a protagonist in a TV drama who can do lightning feats. In fact, if you want to move freely on water, you can do so with a water walking ball. This process is also known as zorbing on water, and is actually a human hamster ball, or zorb ball as some people call it, which is a large bubble plastic ball. Usually it is a round sphere, but of course, some amusement parks offer a long cylinder that can accommodate more people together. With this water walking ball you can run, walk or even tumble on the water. It can give you a different kind of experience.

water zorb ball
Can people who can't swim experience it?

I told my father about it and he expressed his great joy because its a piece of filial piety on our part. And I think my father must be keen to experience something new too. After all, he had put most of his experience into raising his family over the years. But he was very anxious at first because he couldn't swim. So, is this a game that people who can't swim can play?
The answer, of course, is yes. The game is a water experience but you don't come into contact with much water because the water walking ball keeps it all separated. My father was very happy to hear this and then he also said he wanted to learn how to swim in his free time.

What we can do in the water

As we have just mentioned, the water walking ball gives us the opportunity to experience walking, running and even tumbling on water. Then, we can do races on the water. We can even do bubble fights on the water. This is something that we can hardly experience in our lives.


I think that this game is actually very suitable to be used by water park operators to make money, as it is supposed to be very popular. If you are interested in the water walking ball, I think you can come to Kameymall to see the pictures and description and even buy it if you need to.

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