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How Often Do You Replace Safety Shoes?

Nov, 24, 2021

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If you have been wearing work safety shoes on the workplace for a period of time, but you find that your feet are not protected. This means your shoes should be replaced. The following views will give you some suggestions that you can refer to on the question of when to replace your safety shoes.

Only when safety shoes or work safety boots are in good condition can they protect workers’ feet from injury. But most of the time, we do not pay attention to this issue or forget to check safety shoes regularly. Eventually security is threatened.

There is no specific date or time for replacing the safety shoes for women, but how often to replace your shoes depend upon the time how often you wear them and the degree of damage to the shoes. In general, workers who work under heavy load will change shoes more frequently. Safety shoes can be checked once every six months after use, and different methods can be adopted to repair them or directly replace them according to the degree of damage.

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Worn Shoes

Is there any obvious damage? Like holes and tears.
Are the textures of the soles worn and smooth?
Have the shoes become loose or tight?
Are you feeling uncomfortable when you walking?
In short, is the support of the shoes not as good as before?
If any of the above happens, you need to consider changing your safety work shoes.


How much have your safety shoes gone through this days? For instance, has something been dropped on the protective toe of your safety shoes recently? If so, the protective integrity can be damaged but you don’t notice.You need to know that there should be no obvious dents on the toes, otherwise the protection will be weakened. Often, the impact of something falling on the toe can dislodge the toe cap without it being visible. You need to replace them in time if your steel toe shoes have had any accidents in workplace. It may be troublesome to replace your shoes, but in order to protect your safety, these are necessary.


Work environment comparison
The time workers’ spend on their feet, and work needs, working conditions are all different, which cause different damage to safety shoes. If you work under extreme working conditions for a long time, you may need to change your safety shoes more frequently than people who work indoors or under dry conditions. At last but not least, Kameymall has the best quality of safety shoes!


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