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Home news Product How To Lace Up Correctly To Prevent Injuries?
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How To Lace Up Correctly To Prevent Injuries?

Nov, 24, 2021

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Damage caused by loose shoelaces. Loose shoelaces are very common and may seem harmless, but cause tripping hazards. They pose a major threat to workers' foot health and are very likely to cause work-related injuries. So here are some suggestions on how to lace up correctly and prevent from injuries at workplace.

Some people may not realize that loosening or untying shoelaces for comfort actually causes more trouble for their feet: the surface put more pressure on their feet due to lack of support. Fully laced and tied safety work shoes can lock the heel to the right position and provide foot and ankle with effective support. Ankle sprain is a common workplace injury. If a worker still gets work injuries after wearing a pair of safety shoes, maybe he do not fully tie the shoelaces to help prevent his ankles from turning. Loose laces and lack of support can cause lots of injuries, such as foot pain, related leg and back strains and MSD (musculoskeletal disorders).

Sometimes, untied or loose shoelaces are likely to be clamped by the machine, while it is difficult for workers to discovery this problem and they may suffer serious work injuries.

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How to solve it?

This has been a severe issue, some countries like the United Kingdom began to discuss how to solve the problem of injuries in the workplace.

As an employer, monitoring loose shoelaces can and should be included in important health and safety procedures and make these a part of safety education.

So how to tie shoelaces correctly? There is no doubt that all safety shoes for women and work safety boots must be fully laced up. The first step is to tie all the holes in the work safety shoes from the toes to the ankles. The most common lacing skill is to cross or up and down skill, and tie them together with a single knot or double knot. There are other lacing tricks designed specifically for various foot types and potential foot problems. We try our best to help customers solve all problems related to safety shoes protection. With the improvement of safety measures, safety problems in the workplace will also be reduced.

For workers whose shoelaces will be loose sometimes, the key method is to keep the laces tight. These wide and flat waxed laces that help to fasten safety footwear. You may have seen similar hockey shoes, but they are designed for safety shoes. What you have to do is tie them up again.


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On our Kameymall website, we aim to provide workers with the most suitable and comfortable work safe shoes and work boots so that they can be protected better at workplaces.

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