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What to Do When You Are Missing Someone

Jan, 07, 2022

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When a relationship ends, whether it's a friendship or a romantic one, it's natural to go through a period of missing that person. A breakup can lead to feelings of sadness or anger that can worsen when the end of a relationship is accompanied by other upheavals, such as a move, financial changes, or co-parenting challenges.


Missing someone you used to know

These emotions are usually stronger if the breakup wasn't your idea. In addition to making you miss your ex, rejection can lead to other difficult emotions, including feelings of jealousy, hurt, shame, guilt, loneliness, social anxiety, and embarrassment.

Taking steps like focusing on yourself, documenting the relationship honestly, and unfollowing your ex on social media may help you move forward. Spending time with friends to play zorb ball or start dating again can also help fight some of the feelings you may be experiencing.

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How to cope with missing someone
Whatever the reason, you can take these steps, courtesy of Kameymall, to take care of yourself and ease the loss and loneliness of missing someone.


Accept your feelings
Instead of trying to push the feeling of missing someone aside, work on practicing emotional acceptance. This means allowing yourself to feel these things, rather than judging your emotions or trying to deny or change them. Research shows that this practice can help your mental health and make it easier to deal with difficult feelings.


Practice gratitude
As you deal with missing someone, you may find it helpful to focus on being grateful for your relationship with that person. Take a moment to write down how much you appreciate them being in your life, even if they no longer exist.


Care for yourself
Regardless of why you're separated from someone you care about, it's important to take steps to take care of yourself. Whether you're caring for a broken heart or feeling lonely while waiting for a loved one to return, high-quality self-care can go a long way toward helping you feel better during this difficult time.

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