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Before Learning Front Flip (Part 2)

Jun, 30, 2022

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Do you want to learn front flips? In the last article we have already mentioned learning how to balance body weight and today we will continue to share how you can improve flexibility. We all know that both balancing bodyweight and flexibility are the most essential elements needed for gymnastic exercises. So, we need to prepare for these.

air track
You need an air track

To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you do your exercises on a sponge mat. In fact, I recommend that you buy an air tumble track for your exercises. This mat is an inflatable gymnastic mat and has many advantages. Firstly, it is easy to carry around. Since you can drain it of air and fold it into a small piece, you can take it outdoors and you can even do your exercises on the water. Of course. It's also most convenient if you want to practice at home, as it's easy to store. You can keep it in a cupboard. In addition, this mat is very flexible and soft, which makes it perfect for tumbling beginners.

Improving flexibility

Firstly, stretch. Not stretching before and after exercise can cause physical injury. Doing front flips requires the use of all parts of the body, with particular attention to the back.

Secondly, train balance and flexibility at the same time: the forward roll. Squat down, chin back, head against the ground and roll forward. The body should be curled into a ball shape to avoid hurting the tailbone. Side handspring. With both hands flat in a straight line, roll to the side and drop your feet to one side after the other. Arch bridge pose. Land on your feet, bend your legs so that your feet are as close to your back as possible, place your hands flat on either side of your body and lift your hips so that your body forms an arch bridge shape.

Third, bridge against the wall. Lift your hips, step your feet against the wall and slowly lift upwards until you are upside down.



If you want to start training, it is recommended that you choose the air track mat, which you can buy from Kameymall.

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