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Before Learning Front Flip (Part 1)

Jun, 30, 2022

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The professional movements of sportsmen are often difficult to learn and can be dangerous. However, there are some moves that can be imitated by following standardised steps. This article teaches you the front flip step by step. If you want to learn this move, you can continue reading this article and do some basic preparations to get started.

air track
Essential preparation

If you don't want to have accidents during the learning period, I recommend that you do them on a sponge mat during the exercises. In fact, I recommend that you buy an air tumble track to practice on. This mat is an inflatable gymnastics mat and has many advantages. Firstly, it is easy to carry. Since you can drain it and fold it into a small piece, you can take it outdoors and you can even do your exercises on the water. Of course. It's also most convenient if you want to practice at home, as it's easy to store. You can keep it in a cupboard. In addition, this mat is very flexible and soft, which makes it perfect for tumbling beginners.

Learn to balance your weight

Firstly, I'll start with some exercises that build strength and improve balance: Handstand with your hands. Place your hands flat at 15 cm from the wall, fingers facing the wall, while stirring and propping your legs up against the wall. This will give you a foundation for handstands. With this you can train your arm strength and improve your circulation at the same time. Elephant handstand. Hands flat, head on the floor, arms bent to 90 degrees. The head and hands form an isosceles triangle. The legs are off the ground and bent. The special thing about this inversion method is that it keeps your body from being in a flat position and when you are tired you can rest your knees against your ipsilateral elbows for a while. Inversions with the head. Start with an elephant handstand, then slowly straighten your legs upwards. Alternatively you can step over the middle step and straighten your legs immediately after they leave the ground, which requires greater arm strength and balance.

Once you have mastered the handstand technique above, vary the exercises to keep building strength and balance. Continue each movement for a longer period of time. Change the speed. Try walking on your hands or moving your legs on top of handstands. Gradually and progressively speed up. Patience and practice are the ingredients for success.


If you would like to continue to follow our articles on how to learn the front flip, you can continue to follow our articles. If you want to buy the air track, Kameymall is undoubtedly your best choice.

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