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Home news Product Ten Ball Games In Modern Sports History (Chapter 4)
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Ten Ball Games In Modern Sports History (Chapter 4)

Jan, 12, 2022

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This article will continue to introduce some ball games, and don't forget the very fun zorb ball.


5、human hamster ball cheap Rugby

Football is mainly divided into English and American. The former is very popular in the Commonwealth countries, and the latter is very popular in North America. It is popular in the most economically developed countries, with a total viewing base of more than 500 million people, making the influence of football in the world not to be underestimated.
Football may not have an advantage in the number of popular countries. However, as the professional development of ball games, football can be called the existence of benchmark level. Taking the most famous NFL League as an example, the annual contract amount of a single sponsor can be as high as tens of millions of dollars, and the commercial value and social media effect brought by a single game of the super bowl are enough to top the commercial value created by most ball games throughout the year.

4、 Volleyball
Volleyball is a popular sport on any continent in the world. In terms of the number of professional leagues and the number of registered member countries of the World Volleyball Association, scheduling is the top 2 item in the list.
Although, apart from the world cup and the Olympic Games, volleyball is difficult to get on the key page of the mainstream media. However, as a sport widely carried out at the amateur and semi professional level, volleyball has an extremely strong grass-roots attribute. In addition, in terms of gender audience, volleyball is also a ball game loved by both men and women.
The relative deficiency lies in the market attribute of volleyball events. In the hearts of many sports fans, the appreciation of women's volleyball events is higher than that of men's volleyball events, which just shows that there are some natural limitations in the intensity of attack and defense balance, which has an impact on the appreciation. The annual salary of volleyball players at the pyramid level is about $1 million a year. The salary of volleyball players in the top league is about $50000 to $300000. If we compare football and basketball in this aspect, volleyball is far from perfect.
The remaining contents, Kameymall will continue to introduce you in the next few articles.

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