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Play Zorb Ball With Your Whole Family

Jun, 23, 2022

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You may have seen the famous TV show "American Gladiators" where they use a giant plastic ball, which can be shoved into your body and rolled in both water and playground. The zorb ball, a fun and physically active form of entertainment. You must have interest in this product. Hence, you will recommend zorb ball to family members or friends around you.


The structure of zorb ball

Zorb balls’s structure is simple, usually round. If you are inside the ball, you can roll zorb ball in anywhere and in any places. You will find it is elasticity when you play the zorb ball. The special design can attracts people’s attention. Two layers with different sizes enable the zorb ball to contain air. Hence, you can easily collide with each other. Feel the fun and excite moment in the hot summer.


You should know how to maintain zorb ball
1、Drain the water, and then bleed off the gas of the edge gas chamber for cleaning treatment.
2、Cut the repair piece. (Patch to be cut into 3 times the size of the repair area, preferably round or oval.)
3、Priming treatment first. (The need to repair the area and patch wipe clean, evenly coated with special glue, and then use the hair dryer until not sticky hands)
4、Patching glue processing. (Just dry repair area and repair piece again evenly coated with special glue)
5、Sticky (Align the patch to the repair area, slowly paste from one direction, pay attention not to produce bubbles, and then flattened by hand.)
6、Press firmly. (Sticky and put on top of a flat hard object, plus a flat hard weight above the zorb ball by 24hours. )


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