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zorb ball that is extra big

Happiness From The Giant Zorb Ball

Jun, 22, 2022

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The choice of the zorb balls is also very particular. At present, the wave balls on the market are mainly made of TPU, PVC, and composite TPU. It is recommended that you must choose TPU material when choosing zorb balls, because this material has no odor, and has strong toughness and hydrolysis resistance. The wave ball made of this material is not easy to yellow, the material is soft and not affected by the weather, and it is strong and durable.

A Zorb ball is a transparent plastic ball, the main material is TPU. The origin is imported from a country, the diameter can be customized, and some Lajin connections are used in the middle, which is thrilling and very safe at the same time. Among the mobile water parks, it is one of the projects with the most participants. Therefore, it is a must-have water park equipment for operators.

There are three main types of zorb balls, one is called "integral fixed type", one is called "free-floating type on water", and the other is called "free control type". Each of the three products has its own benefits. All can add capital to the mobile water park. We can choose our own water park.

There are three materials to choose from


(1) Tpu polyether material, it is an odorless and environmentally friendly material, strong toughness, hydrolysis resistance, not easy to yellow, soft material and not affected by climate, suitable for aquatic products, but the price is slightly more expensive than tpu polyester. Therefore, tpu polyether material is the first choice for experts, and there is no other material to replace

(2) PVC material, although the price is cheap, it has a plastic smell, is unhealthy, hard and easy to crack when the temperature is low and has a short lifespan

(3) Composite tpu material: contains 30% tpu, 70% PVC, its price is also cheaper than tpu, but it has the same plastic taste, unhealthy, not transparent enough material, not long life

The difference between PVC and TPU
The characteristics of tpu and PVC materials are different. Tpu material is an environmentally friendly material with strong tensile force, tensile force, toughness, aging resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, and water resistance, while PVC material has good flexibility and cold resistance, but the hardness and stretchability are poor.


Where to buy

You can go to Kameymall to buy zorb balls.

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