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Game Rules Of Zorb Ball

Dec, 07, 2021

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I think everyone is always embarrassed when there is no suitable project to drive everyone's mood during multi-person activities. Today, I will introduce a very fun and exciting game, zorbing!


What is zorbing?

Zorb ball is a game similar to a touch car. It can not only let everyone free their hands and feet to collide, but also enhance their feelings. As an interesting game, it is very suitable for competition. Because of the materials of the zorb ball, the game has no potential safety hazards. The following is the game method I recommend for you. If you have better ideas, you can also leave a message in the comment area!

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Pay attention to the following questions

1. Number of participants

Two or more people, with a large number, can be grouped.

2. Game props

Zorb ball: it is made of transparent PVC material. It is an inflatable product and can be reused. Because it is an inflatable product, the middle is hollow, and the player can drill in and collide. It is very safe and can effectively protect the head and buttocks.

3. Rules of the game

All participants put on zorb balls;

Delimit an area, such as a circle, or two adjacent areas a and B;

After the game starts, each unit, that is, one person or the same team needs to knock the other person out of the circle or outside a specific area.

During the collision, everyone should grasp the handle inside the zorb ball. Once they leave the competition area, they will fail and cannot enter again. The game can be set to 5 minutes to win by men and women or by a heavyweight. It depends on which team has the most remaining personnel.

4. Function and significance

Release the pressure in normal work during collision;

It can train the players' spirit of facing hardships and fighting bravely.


Where to buy it?

If you have any interest in zorb balls, welcome to the Kameymall website, where there are the best quality zorb balls.

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