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long gymnastics air track for summer

Pick Great Air Track Mat For Summer-Part4

Jun, 15, 2022

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Today I am going to tell you something about the mat.

An air track mat is also called a gymnastic mat.

Best Tumbling Air Track


With gymnastics mats, flexibility exercises can also be actively carried out. These activities can not only effectively improve the students' muscle elasticity, but also expand the range of motion of the students' joint capsules.

Waist and abdominal strength exercises. The use of gymnastics mats for waist and abdominal exercises is also very effective. In the current physical education teaching, sit-ups, two-head ups, and backups are the teaching contents that cannot be ignored. The main purpose of these contents is to train students' waist and abdominal strength.

Lower body strength exercises. Gymnastics mats can play an important role in lower body strength training.

When doing lower body strength training, the gymnastics mat needs to be placed vertically, so that it will form a height just suitable for students to exercise. In the training of lower body strength, it should be noted that when placing the gymnastics mat, it needs to be adjusted according to the specific situation of the students. Sensitivity exercise is the content that needs key training in sports activities. The development of this content can exercise the flexibility of students' bodies and cultivate students' quick reaction ability.

Teamwork practice. In the physical education classroom, it is very important to cultivate the sports spirit of unity among students. In specific sports training, gymnastics mats can be used to expand training to cultivate the spirit of unity among students.

Full body movement exercises. The ultimate goal of physical education is to achieve a comprehensive improvement of students' physical quality, and this comprehensive improvement requires whole-body exercise, so it is very necessary to use a small gymnastics mat for whole-body exercise training. In the specific whole-body exercise exercises, the exercise of "drilling a cave" is mainly carried out with the help of gymnastics mats, so as to achieve the development of whole-body coordination.


Where to buy it

You can go to Kameymall to buy it.

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