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giant snow zorb ball to play

A Giant Snow Zorb Ball

Aug, 09, 2022

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Let me present you with a new game.


A very popular game is the zorb ball because the softball is not harmful to the human body. It has a very cute appearance and a light texture, so it is very safe and soft during play. Try zorbing!


So how exactly do you play it? That's zorb soccer. Usually, there are several teams competing, with each team sending a representative to get into the zone. The competitors bump into each other to see if they can hold on until the end. The whole thing is a lot of fun and laughter. The last competitor to fall wins.


This fun sports product Zorb is generally made of transparent TPU material, which is not easily damaged after inflation. Its material is also a safe and environmentally friendly product, so there is no need to worry about potential safety and health risks. Feel free to go and have fun.

Why do people like zorb? Because a zorb ball can be a good way to release nature during the process of playing, and the stress of life disappears in a relaxed state when everyone collides with each other. Secondly, using a zorb ball game can also exercise physical health, because after entering the zorb ball, you need to use certain skills to keep stable. This is also good exercise. You won't regret it.


Zorb ball components

Assorted ropes: 5MM safety rope in four colors: red, yellow, blue, and green.
Handle: made of TPU material, not easily damaged, strong tensile strength.
Rope buckle: TPU material production, increase the tensile strength.
Safety net: colorful safety net rope. Very beautiful
Safety nozzle: full high-pressure nozzle, conducive to rapid inflation


Specific style

If you want to buy a giant snow zorb ball, then you should definitely check this one out. It is 2.5m in diameter, which is huge. If you want to play zorb ball in the snow, then you must buy this one, you will definitely experience a different feeling.


Where to buy

There are now many manufacturers producing interesting products. If you want to buy a zorb ball, please find a regular purchase channel. You can buy them at Kameymall.


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