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Some Keys To Situp Training

Mar, 22, 2022

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Do you have an air track mat at home? Do you like to do exercises at home? With a gymnastic mat, you can do some sit-ups at home to improve your immune system. Today, I would like to share some items about sit-ups to improve your workout.

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Five action essentials

Match your breathing
When practising, exhale in the up state (when exerting yourself) and inhale in the down state. Static state, for example, when holding a 45 degree angle, maintain normal chest breathing, do not hold your breath.

Height of rise: stay at a 45 degree angle
The correct way to do a sit-up should be to try to extend the duration of the 45-degree angle between the body and the ground (at least 30 seconds) during the sit-up to give the abdominal muscles the most effective practice.

Sit-ups movement essentials
Only when the sit-ups are performed with the upper body in the sagittal plane (shoulder-parallel sit-ups), the training effect of the external and internal abdominal obliques will be significantly limited. Only by increasing the movement of the longitudinal axis of the body (right shoulder belt to the left leg and left shoulder belt to the right leg) rotation can the incongruity of abdominal training be avoided.

Don't hold your head with both hands
The general sense of sit-ups for weight loss is to cross your fingers behind your head, but this often lifts your head with the force of your hands during the sit-ups, which can easily cause strain on the neck muscles. The correct method is to cross your arms in front of your chest, or put your hands to your ears, and let your abdomen power up when you sit up, not your arms.

Gradually increase the number of sit-up repetitions
For a participant who has just started to train their abdominal muscles with sit-ups, limit the number of sit-ups to no more than 10 repetitions (to train your abdominal muscles first) and after each sit-up, stand up or lie down to allow your abdominal muscles to relax for 10 minutes or more.


Get yourself some gym mats
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