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pink air track mat for athletes

Find The Pink Air Track Mat

Aug, 10, 2022

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Did you know that there is a mat that is very convenient when exercising at home? Let's learn about it together.


It has been said that the inflatable air track mat is easy to use, and the next step is to tell you how to use the inflatable air track mat. First of all, the packaged products will be spread out flat, and then find the inflatable nozzle mouth. Use the special air pump to inflate from the nozzle, please note that the inflatable can not be too full, so as not to inflate too much and cause burst damage to the product. Remember to tighten the nozzle after flushing to avoid air leakage. A few simple steps inflatable air track mat can be used, not in use when the gas will be exhausted can be collected and does not occupy an area. Inflatable air track mat generally first with the traditional air mold heat and technology to do the model, the material selection of 0.9MM PVC sandwich mesh fabric. Then the use of new Korean imports of brushed material hand-adhesive system, double-sided coating.



Uses of air track mat

1, sit-ups: supine, legs straight and together, both hands up, the use of abdominal muscle contraction, the two arms swing forward into a sitting position, the upper body continues to bend forward, the two hands touching the surface of the feet, head down, and then restore into a supine position. So continuously.

2, prone jerk: prone on the mat, both legs straight and together, two arms crossed waist or two hands behind the head, pressed by the companion two feet, the upper body as far back as possible, so that the chest left the mat, and then restore, repeat the exercise.

3, side-hand flip: the main points of action (to the left-hand flip as an example): two arms side planks, the upper body slightly to the right, the left leg side lift weight fall right foot, then to the left inverted body, the left foot landed on the knee, the right leg to the right side upswing, while the left foot stirrups, then the left and right hands, in turn, to support the ground, by splitting the leg inversion process, two hands, in turn, pushed off the mat, two feet, in turn, landed (six points as straight as possible), into a side stand.


Specific style

If you are a heavy lover of pink, then this one is your destined choice. It is made up of a very pretty pink color that is lively and playful. It is also available in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. Go ahead and check it out.


Where to buy

Hurry up and get an air track mat from Kameymall. Believe me, you won't regret it, so hurry up and buy one to spend this very good summer.


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